River Trail Shuttle
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How a River Trail Shuttle works............

How A Shuttle Works
You drive to a boat ramp at the head of the Willamette
River Water Trail... once you have launched, on the day
you start your river trip,
we retrieve your vehicle from
the ramp parking area, store your vehicle while you
are on the river and deliver your vehicle to your take
out point on the day you plan to end your river float.
We only shuttle vehicles, not people or gear.

For Boaters
For people & groups who plan to be on the river for
2 to 7 days or longer......
the head of the Willamette
River Water Trail can be accessed at several points.
Armitage Park on the lower McKenzie in Eugene
is the most popular launch site but some parties
also chose to launch from Beltline Crossing,
Valley River Center and Christensen Landing
which are all on the main stem Willamette and
also in or near Eugene.
 We pick up vehicles from
all Eugene vicinity access points at our regular fee,

Add $20.00 for shuttles that begin at
Marshall Island 
Delivery Points
We deliver vehicles to any public boat landing along
the water trail all the way to Cathedral Park at RM6.

For Cyclists
Explore Oregon's Willamette Valley Scenic Bike way,
  wine country, coast or mountains. We pick up your
car at the park on the day you start your ride. Store
it while you are on the road and deliver it to your
destination on the day you plan to end your ride.

Follow this link for more destination
along the Willamette River Water Trail 


Make a Reservation:


Canoe Campers

Requirements & Limits of Liability 
Your vehicle must be insured and registered; it must be in good operating condition,
with properly functioning steering, breaks, turn signals,
lights, good tire condition, etc.
Your vehicle must contain sufficient fuel and other fluids to accomplish your shuttle.
By agreeing to allow agents of River Trail Shuttle to drive your vehicle in order to
make your vehicle available at
your desired destination, you agree to accept all
liabilities involved in the day to day
operations of your or any other vehicle on
all public or private properties, boat landings, parks, highways and roads.